NEi Nastran advanced analysisNEi Nastran is the First Leading high level Windows based version of NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis

NEi Nastran design simulation and virtual prototyping products allow companies to reduce product development costs and improve time-to-market. Engineers can determine real-world structural, thermal, fluid-flow, and aero-elastic behavior of both simple and complex 3D product designs. Model generation and analysis time is also reduced by combining powerful and easy-to-use finite element modelers with extremely fast analysis solvers that have a proven record of accurate results.


Advantages & Benefits

Uses the world's leading Windows-based pre- and post-processor for advanced engineering finite
element analysis (NEi Nastran Modeler), which is easy to use and has the power to model very difficult
Comprehensive interactive tools necessary for model creation, analysis monitoring, and results
evaluation including a state-of-the-art analysis
Proven track record demonstrating that NEi Nastran is one of the most trusted products for structural
analysis in all industries.
Advanced solution sequences such as linear and nonlinear static, transient dynamic, steady state
dynamic, frequency extraction, heat transfer, and other analysis types provide a choice of appropriate
analysis types for different types of simulations.
Robust contact capability using a 3D surface contact method which easily handles dissimilar meshes
between components including frictional effects.
Basic through advanced material models including temperature dependent materials, nonlinear
elasticity and plasticity effects, creep and thermo-elasticity.
and much more …

Analysis types

Linear statics
Normal modes
Linear buckling
Dynamic frequency response*
Dynamic transient response*
Random vibration*
Response/Shock spectrum generation*
Modal summation*
Nonlinear stress
Nonlinear buckling
Nonlinear transient response*
Prestress static
Prestress normal modes
Contact analysis in assemblies
Linear steady state heat transfer
Inertial relief*
Snap-through analysis*
Drop test

NEi Nastran non-linear transient analysis


NEi Nastran

NEi Nastran is a powerful, general purpose finite element analysis tool with an integrated graphical user interface and model Editor which is used to analyze linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components. It represents the latest in FEA technology with one of the fastest iterative solvers on the market along with accurate solutions that have been trusted for over 15 years by companies in all industries.

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The NEi Nastran Modeler (FEMAP) is a Windows-native pre- and post-processor used by engineering organizations world wide to model various products, processes, and systems. It has an optional new graphical user interface that provides streamlined, direct access to all the NEi Nastran Modeler functionality. It provides a depth of functionality in geometry import, geometry creation, meshing, materials and properties, loads and boundary conditions, analysis types and visualization options. The NEi Nastran Modeler is tightly integrated with NEi Nastran and also provides integration to a wide range of industry-standard structural and thermal solvers.

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The NEi Nastran Editor™ is an industry unique tool that gives engineers greater control over their Nastran FEA models and results. Features such as advanced editing, context-sensitive input, and dynamic help greatly increase productivity and results reliability from the start. Built-in tools such as the trade study generator, a basic optimization utility, give users quick insight into the effects of design changes. Real-time results are displayed through an integrated post-processor allowing users to visualize results as they are generated during the solution sequence. These features combined make the NEi Nastran Editor an indispensable tool for designers and analysts alike.

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NEi Nastran uses the latest in solver technology providing fast results for the largest and most complex FEA models. Three linear solvers (PCGLSS, VSS, and VIS) and two eigensolvers (LANCZOS and SUBSPACE) are included. The PCGLSS (Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Linear System Solver) is an advanced iterative solver licensed from CA&SI and used in many other leading FEA products. The VSS (Vector Sparse Solver) and VIS (Vector Iterative Solver) are based on NASA developed technology and have been enhanced to provide better performance and accuracy.

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